Season analysing litter and clean-up has started

The new season analysing river litter and clean-up has started. The project LIVES (Litter Free Rivers and Streams) aims to reduce plastic waste in the Meuse catchment area. We do this, among other things, by analysing the waste that has flooded on the banks.

The LIVES-partners have started using their networks again to analyse litter in the coming months. And of course also make arrangements to remove as much litter as possible. Between 15 February and 15 March, the shore waste researchers will set off to visualize the waste. The removal of river litter will start on 1 March with many hundreds of employees and volunteers.

We visited the river banks of Eijsden, where the Maas enters The Netherlands. In Eijsder Beemden it was clear how high the water rised this season. The result: all kinds of organic and inorganic waste in the bushes and trees.

For The Netherlands

In March, keep an eye on Maas – Schone Rivieren or Agenda – Schone Rivieren for more information about research actions and clean-up actions in the Netherlands. Do you wish to participate: Doe mee – Schone Rivieren

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