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On this page you will find from module 1, the first questionnaire.

About the Module 1: Questionnaire 1

This questionnaire has five open questions, underneath each question you see answerbox. Within this box you will write your answer. When you have done this you go to the following question and do the same over and over again.

When you arrived at the last question & answer, you click on the box: Finish
At this moment you will receive a score 5 out of 5 and you will see which answers are correct. Besides seeing which answer is correct you also see the fully correct answer of the questionnaire maker.


#1. 1. To which activities can both, the source and the entry paths of plastic litter in the environment, be traced back?

To anthropogenic activities

#2. 2. Which two influencing parameters and possible origins should be distinguished when considering the presence and accumulation of plastic in the environment in order to take appropriate measures to reduce it?

Between source and entry path

#3. 3. Which entries for plastic litter are possible while considering the start from the plastic production and the subsequent disposal?

Land-based and ocean-based entries

#4. 4. What is a line of action leading to environmental contamination with litter that can be easily addressed through environmental education be called?


#5. 5. Since when dumping of waste at sea is internationally regulated by a ban within MARPOL Annex V?

Since the enactment in 1991


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