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On this page you will find from module 3, the third exercise.

About the Module 3: Small exercise

This small quiz has two multiple choice questions, underneath each question you see answers.
Check the correct answers. When you arrived at the last question & answer, you click on the box: Finish
At this moment you will receive a score 2 out of 2 and you will see which answers are correct. Besides seeing which answer is correct you also see the correct answer of the questionnaire maker.


#1. 1. Think which of below methods will do to guide litter to one side of a river with a firm and steady flow?

Correct answer will be the left picture, because the right picture aids to get litter aside but might be not sufficient, depending on the flow speed.

#2. 2. If personnel is very few available to empty the litter collected at one end, how would you design the emptying system?

Correct answers is C.

For A, B and D you still need personnel to help emptying. Although in not every situation the same amount of personnel is needed.