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On this page you will find from module 3, the second quiz.

About the Module 3: Small Quiz on litter traps

This small quiz has three multiple choice questions, underneath each question you see answers.
Check the correct answers. When you arrived at the last question & answer, you click on the box: Finish
At this moment you will receive a score 3 out of 3 and you will see which answers are correct. Besides seeing which answer is correct you also see the correct answer of the questionnaire maker.

A litter trap with 2 m3 cage is situated in a twisty river, where 1 m3 of plastic waste is taken along monthly.


#1. 1. How do you catch the most litter?

The correct answer is C.

A, B and D are suboptimal constructions, because not all litter along the width of the river will be caught. A and b aim for the outer bend, but often litter is slowly washed up at the inner bend as well.

#2. 2. The litter trap designed for this river appears to be too small. What can be a reason?

Options A is wrong: it will not influence the amount of litter entering, C is wrong because this is a conscious choice made, D could be an option but the effect will not be as large as in B, therefore B will be the correct answer.

#3. 3. What can be a reason not to block the full width of the river with a guiding arm and litter trap?

The correct answer is B.

This is mainly because all other options are eventually possible but these diadvantages can be taken into account while designing.