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Prevention of plastic in rivers is one of the main joint goals of the LIVES-partners. To broaden the knowledge of anyone who is interested in this subject the educational partners in the LIVES project Hogeschool Zuyd, RWTH Aachen and Open University have created several educational modules. The main goal of these educational modules is to inform citizens, especially students, professionals and other people working on plastics in the environment, and to motivate them to take action. Are you interested in the subject of prevention of plastic litter and do you want to learn more about it? The educational modules are at your disposal!

Five modules about prevention of plastic in rivers

The joint educational LIVES-partners have created five modules that can be followed in a random order. De focus of all modules is on the issue of macroplastics. The Meuse River area is used as an example. In module 1 and module 2 concentrate on the pathways of plastic from the sources through rivers to seas and oceans. In module 3 you can explore the possibilities of the potential to remove the plastic litter from rivers. Module 4 elaborates on the policy context and responsibilities for the issue of plastic litter. And, last but not least, in module 5 the current knowledge on monitoring plastic litter in rivers is summarized.

How to study

Each topic of the educational module contains educational videos, reading material, self-tests, unanswered research questions and additional materials (i.e. scientific papers, websites and project homepages). The information is embedded on the LIVES homepage. If you plan to follow a module, it is recommended to plan a time window of 60-90 minutes. The material can be used to enrich clean-up actions, such as the World Clean-up day, or in preparation of clean-up actions. Participants can encourage people to inform themselves on the different topics through the education modules. So teachers or organisers of clean-up actions: please feel free to use these materials in your curriculum or to activate people to discuss and take action to reduce plastic litter!

Only English

As the LIVES project is an international Interreg project with euregional partners in three countries the aim is to reach citizens in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. That is why the main language of the educational modules is English. However, some information included is in Dutch and German.

Curious or anxious to start? Go to Education program of litter free rivers and streams (LIVES) and chose your module!

The educational modules are a product of Hogeschool Zuyd Heerlen,  RWTH Aachen and Open University Heerlen. All credits go to these partners.


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