July floods – Clean Rivers-operations in the municipalities of the Lower Meuse River


Clean Rivers operations in the municipalities of the Lower Meuse from September 13 to 26, 2021;
Update on the Walloon pollution situation after the disaster July floods.

The situation after the July floods.

On July 14, 202 Belgian municipalities were affected by exceptional floods. The Province of Liège was the main victim of these floods and in particular the Vesdre sub-basin which is completely disfigured. The human toll of this catastrophic episode: 34 dead and 1 missing. 

What was achieved during the month of August

The priority of the federal, regional and municipal authorities was the long-term rehousing of families, several houses having been washed away or seriously damaged by the waves. On the other hand, the infrastructure has also suffered greatly, 26 km of gas pipes to be replaced, high voltage electric cabins out of order, 16 wastewater treatment plants shut down… First of all, the carcasses of cars (50,000 vehicles and 2 barges) had to be evacuated from the waterways and ensured the safety of the premises before considering the collection of waste. other waste. 

At the instigation of Minister Céline Tellier, “solidarity cleaning operations” were organized in partnership with the Wallonia River Contracts and the BeWaPP unit throughout the month of August. 

And in addition: 

The weekend of September 23 to 26, 2021 will take place the traditional “Great Spring Cleaning” coordinated by the BeWaPP unit. In addition to this GSC, the CRMA is coordinating a vast “Operation Clean Rivers” in all 45 municipalities in its territory from September 13 to 26. 

The coordination unit of the CRMA also wished to be part of the cross-border dynamic of the World Clean Up-Day of September 18, 2021. That day, from 8:30 am, the municipality of Plombières proposes the cleaning of the Gueule sub-basin in collaboration with the Fishermen’s Association of Moresnet and Natagora. The cleanup will end around 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. with a lunch in the town hall with the volunteers and associations. 

How to register? To help with the July floods.  

For the weekend of September 23 to 26, join us by selecting the places indicated by blue gloves on this map. For the period from September 13 to 22, check the registration of your municipality on the map and send an email to the blue gloves manager of your municipality to register. 

Thank you for your solidarity


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