World Clean-up day, 18 September 2021


On September 18, 2021 it will be World Clean-up Day again. A day where worldwide clean-ups are planned with the aim of giving the planet a major clean-up. Various organizations in more than 180 countries participate in this world wide clean-up day. All with the same goal: cleaning up as much litter as possible on land, but also in rivers, streams and seas. Everyone can participate in World Cleanup Day! How? Click here and register via the registration card.


One of these clean-up actions is the Meuse Cleanup, which originated during the kick-off conference of the Interreg Va project LIVES (Litter Free Rivers and Streams) in October 2019. LIVES focuses on a litter-free Meuse and tributaries in the catchment area within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. . The aim of LIVES is to reduce plastic waste in the Meuse basin through a coordinated, cross-border approach, to create awareness among citizens and to promote Euregional cooperation.

World Clean-up day 2021 on the water - Litter free rivers and streams

Where can people register in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to participate in World Clean-up Day?

There are a number of websites where people can sign up. Below is a brief overview including registration links.

Join us and let’s make the world a lot more beautiful and cleaner together on September 18!

At the end of July 2021 & on Saturday 14 August 2021 we have already cleaned up the banks, why now again?

At the end of July and on Saturday 14 August, extra clean-ups were organized. These clean-up campaigns are organized to remove the litter that was brought along by the high water of July 2021 as quickly as possible. During these actions, a huge group (3,850!) of Dutch, German and Belgian volunteers committed themselves to making the Meuse and its tributaries waste-free. No less than 177,000 kilos of waste has been collected, an enormous achievement! On World Clean-up day we will once again clean up various places, because unfortunately not everything has been cleaned up yet and unfortunately new litter is added every day!

Read more about these cleanups here:

Clean Rivers operations in the municipalities of the Lower River Meuse
– Flemish LIVES partners are also joining forces

World Clean-up day 2021, many hands make light work!

One of the goals of the De LIVES partners is to make citizens aware of how to deal with waste more sensibly and to reduce litter. But this takes time. Clean-up campaigns and initiatives such as the World Clean-up Day are therefore very important! So help!! Spread the word that waste belongs in the bin and not in nature, in and around rivers and streams. In addition to spreading this message, we would love it if you would sign up for one of the organized cleanups taking place on Saturday, September 18!

World Clean-up day 2021 cleaning up - Litter free rivers and streams


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